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Art by Zensi - Saskia Botterweck


Works of art from our own studio 

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My name is Saskia Botterweck-Oudenaarden. For many years now I have been expressing my creativity, experiences in my life, feelings and spiritual growth in drawing Mandala's


Mandala means magic circle and has been used for thousands of years in all cultures around the worldd. You will see mandalas in all kinds of shapes, colors and themes. The mandala is often characterized by the repetition in its layout and structure.

On my website you can choose from a wide range of mandalas, all made by me in my studio. After drawing with chalk, pencil or watercolor, the mandala's are digitally edited to create even more beautiful, almost magical effects. We supply reproductions of these Mandalas on Canvas, Aluminum (Dibond) and HD Metal in different sizes. Feel free to have a look in the webshop to see if there is a mandala that "speaks" to you.  A Mandala that can give your living room, kitchen, bedroom, workplace that extra dimension. A unique work of art that strengthens your energy and gives you a happy or warm feeling. If you have special requests for sizes, materials or other requests in addition to the standard range, you can always fill in the contact form with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Order mandala Art By Zensi

That's how it works!!!!

Art by Zensi - Mandala

Mandala's on Canvas and Aluminum

Check the webshop to see if there is a mandala that appeals to you.

1. Choose your Mandala

2. Choose your Format

3. Choose Canvas, Aluminum (Dibond) or HD Metal 

And just order!!!! For questions about other formats or special wishes, please contact or complete the contact form


Special Art

A mandala is not just art. A mandala radiates energy. Can refresh, warm and purify a room. It is a very personal piece of art that you add to your home, office or other place. Enjoy your purchase and let the power of the mandala do its work. 

Art by Zensi - Mandala Heartscapes
Art by Zensi Mandala Whirl

Special Art on Canvas, Aluminum or HD Metal

You can choose from 3 types of material for the delivery of our art. 

Canvas: Our canvas frames are always 3 cm thick. We opted for a thickness of 3 cm because this gives a sturdy and high-quality result. With a work of art on Canvas there is the option to add an Artframe. An Artframe is a tight frame around the canvas artwork. This gives your art an even more beautiful and exclusive look. Highly recommended! We supply our frames in three colours: black, white and clear wood. 

Aluminum (Dibond): Dibond consists of two thin layers of aluminum with a layer of plastic in between. This makes Dibond ultra strong and indestructible. 

HD Metal: HD Metal is a thin sheet of aluminum with a high-quality coating on which we apply the artwork using a special technique. The result is stunning: razor sharp, unique color reproduction and mega strong! It cannot be scratched and it is water resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

During the ordering process you can choose from one of these 3 variants for the Mandala of your choice!!

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