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You ask, we answer

Are you looking for more information about one of our products or a current order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for a quick answerto find. If you don't get an answerrd, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Art by Zensi - Energy


How thick is the Canvas?

Our frames are always 3 cm thick. We opted for a thickness of 3 cm because this gives a sturdy and high-quality result. The chance that the frame will warp is also very small with a 3 cm thick frame. But more importantly, this looks great on the wall!

How do I clean my Canvas artwork?

Canvas is water-repellent. This makes it easier to maintain and clean. You can wipe the canvas with a soft, damp cloth without damaging the inks.

Is art on canvas suitable for outdoor use?

You can use canvas outdoors because it is water-resistant. However, the wooden frame can start to deteriorate slightly due to the influence of moisture. Our advice is to always hang it outside under a shelter.


What is a Artframe?

Am Artframe is a tight frame around the canvas artwork. This gives your Art an even more beautiful and exclusive look. Highly recommended! We supply our frames in three colours: black, white and clear wood. Artframes can only be ordered in combination with a canvas artwork and unfortunately not yet available for Aluminum or HD Metal. Artframes are no less than 4 cm thick! So very strong and of beautiful quality!

Art by Zensi - Box White
Art by Zensi - Box Black
Art by Zensi - Box Wood
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What is Art on Aluminum (Dibond)?

Our art on aluminum is printed on Dibond. Dibond consists of two thin layers of aluminum with a layer of plastic in between. This makes Dibond ultra strong and indestructible. 

How to clean my artwork on Aluminum?

Your art on aluminum can be cleaned with a soft or slightly damp cloth.

Is art on aluminum suitable for outdoor use?

Yes!  Art on Dibond Aluminum is ideal for hanging outside, but preferably under a roof. 

Is a hanging system included?

Of course! We always supply a FREE hanging system with every product. Our hanging systems have been specially developed to hang the work of art super quickly and easily! 

Art by Zensi


What is Art on HD Metal?

HD Metal is a thin sheet of aluminum with a high-quality coating on which we apply the artwork using a special technique. The result is vastonishing: harazor sharp, unique color reproduction and mega strong! It cannot be scratched and it is water resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. 

How do I clean my artwork on HD Metal?

Because HD Metal is very scratch-resistant and water-resistant, the material is easy to clean. This can be done in the same way and with the same resources as you clean glass.

Is art on HD Metal suitable for outdoor use?

Of course! HD Metal is ideal for hanging outdoors. HD Metal is water-resistant and very scratch-resistant, so it can hang outside for years!

Is a hanging system included?

Of course! We always supply a FREE hanging system with every product. Our hanging systems have been specially developed to hang artwork super quickly and easily! 

Art by Zensi - Chalk drawing


What are delivery times?

After receipt of payment, we always deliver within 10 working days! But we often deliver even faster. We say 10 working days because we always want to keep our promise. So we would rather deliver too quickly than too late! When we send your package, 99% of the packages are delivered the next day. 

How is my product  packaged and shipped?

We deliver a vulnerable product. For this reason, our products are packed very carefully and securely. First of all, the products are wrapped in foil and then packed in a sturdy shipping box. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the product is damaged during shipping. If this happens, we will always resolve it quickly and neatly for you!

Which parcel service will my products be shipped with?

We ship our products with PostNL. The sizes 40 x 40 cm and 60 x 60 cm are delivered by PostNL parcel service. The sizes from 60 x 60 cm are supplied by Extra@Home from PostNL and UPS.

What happens to the delivery when I'm not at home?

When we send the package, you will receive an email with a track and trace. This means that you can see exactly when the package will be delivered. If you are not at home upon delivery, you will receive a letter in your mailbox stating that the package has been delivered. For PostNL packages, you can pick them up at the nearest post office or the package will be delivered at another specified time. For the larger sizes, which are delivered with UPS, the package will be offered again the next day if the package is absent. You can also contact UPS for a different delivery time. In some regions the package may be delivered to your neighbors. This is always stated in the track and trace overview.

Can my productuct be delivered to a different address?

That is of course no problem. You can enter a different delivery address in the ordering system. This could be your work address, for example.

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver as standard in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. If you want to order from another country, you can send us a message and we will make a suitable proposal. This is due to different delivery timesn and shipping costs. 


How can I pay for my product?

You can pay for our products in various ways. The fastest and simplest way is payment via iDEAL, but you can of course also pay by credit card, PayPal and a normal bank transfer. For our Belgian customers we also offer the option to pay with Bancontact/Mister Cash.

Can I also pay safely at Art by Zensi?

Of course, our payment system is very safe and reliable. All payments are processed via a secure connection.

Art by Zensi - White pencil


Our warranty is extremely extensive. First of all, we offer a full money back guarantee. Now you may be thinking: I hear that often, but what does this specifically mean? Our money-back guarantee means that if there is anything wrong with the product, we will resend the product for you or immediately refund the purchase price! For details please have a look to the Returns Policy. In addition, we provide a 10-year warranty on our products and an additional 75-year color fastness warranty! Ultimately, our goal is that you are super satisfied and happy with your Art by Zensi work of art and that it hangs radiantly on your wall for days to come!

Think you to the environment?

We try to burden the environment as little as possible with our work! We use water-based inks, which are without chemical components. We try to reuse packaging materials as much as possible and we use energy very responsibly through various energy-saving measures. Ultimately, our children should also be able to enjoy our art!

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