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Art by Zensi

My name is Saskia Botterweck-Oudenaarden. For many years now I have been expressing my creativity, experiences in my life, feelings and spiritual growth in drawing Mandala's. Mandala means magic circle and has been used for thousands of years in all cultures around the worldd. You will also see a mandala's in all kinds of shapes, colors and themes. The mandala is often characterized by the repetition in its layout and structure.

Personally, I have always had an affinity with circles. A circle represents infinity and eternity for me in which I creatively express all feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences or dreams. These are translated into symbols, colors and shapes that are reflected in the mandala. In this way the mandala is created intuitively with a surprising end result. 


The circle represents life. Beginning and end are part of the whole! A Mandala is not linked to religion, country or culture but is a global way of expressing being. For me, making a mandala is a creative expression of my inner world. Imagination expressed in intuitive fantasy!! I hope the Mandala's will inspire you. 

Art by Zensi - Chakra
Art by Zensi - Aqua Dreams
Art by Zensi
Art by Zensi
Art by Zensi - Saskia Botterweck
Art by Zensi - Angels
Art by Zensi - Elements
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